Main and Sewer Line Repair

Additional Questions about Sewer Repair

Can we detect where a leak is in a underground main waterline?

In our experience there are fewer times that repairing the line is in the clients best interest. We do have equipment that can locate a leak, however there are a tremendous amount of variables in doing so. Thesevariables cost money so in most cases replacing the entire line is more efficient.

Can I call the public authority to fix my issue?

Anything that is outside of the public right-of-way is the homeowners responsibility. If you have a property line cleanout on your sewer and there is sewer backing up at that location you should call them. If you do not have a property line cleanout it is the homeowners responsibility to install one.

What should I expect when you arrive?

Because your time is valuable, we will send a fully trained technician to your home in a truck stocked with thousands of parts. Which means the repair can be done right then and there while we are at your home unless your problem is unusual. This not only saves you time but money! Your technician always does a thorough examination of the problem and will spend time with you helping you understand the problem and the proper procedure to repair it right. He will give you a StraightForward price with options before any work begins, so you know exactly what it costs and what is going to be done.

Sewer Need Repair? Call Wisler Plumbing

Really, if you have seeping water, you ought to call us at (540) 483–9382. We'll make sure we get a solution ready for you ASAP. Of course, you can use to form below if you have questions.

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Straight Forward Pricing

You'll know exactly how much our visit will cost before a pipe wrench is ever pulled out.

You will receive one price regardless of how long the job takes. It will not depend upon who the service technician is or how fast he may or may not be. One price, known upfront.

Wisler Plumbing operates out of Rocky Mount and Salem, VA.

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