Water Treatment & Water Softener Options for Roanoke

Water Treatment & Water Softener Options for Well and City Water

In Virginia, our well water has a few issues that cause some very frustrating problems in your home plumbing. But it’s not just well water, it’s also city water. And with our 156-day Water Treatment Installation Guarantee, you can take your system for a test-ride without fear.

Free Water Testing

$21.95 Comprehensive Water Testing

Before we go any further, let’s make sure you need a water treatment or softener system. We don’t want you to spend money you don’t have to. Call us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and let us know you want your water tested. We’ll send a Water Treatment Specialist to your house, take a few samples of water and send it to a lab.

Yes, We Send Your Water to a Lab

The water test we’re offering is not some off-the-shelf, DIY test. It’s a full-blown comprehensive test that tells you everything you need to know to make the right decision. The water test results are so comprehensive and detailed we’ll make sure we decipher them for you. We’re giving you the test for $21.95 and we pay the remaining $128.05 it takes to get the lab results.

The Solution

We can give you crystal clear water that tastes great. We can soften your tap or well water to protect your plumbing system and give you great showers, cleaner dishes, and fresher laundry. Customized Solutions: We use state-of-the-art systems to treat your water with exactly what you need for care-free, sparkling, and delightful water from every tap in your home.

Crystal-Right Water Softener Media

Unlike normal softening resin, these silica-based crystals effectively filter iron, manganese, and nuisance bacteria while correcting acidic water conditions. They also have a high tolerance to withstand higher levels of chlorine making them the ideal media for our patented disinfection system. Crystal-Right media does all of this while softening at the same time.

We’ll Pay You $1K If You Don’t Choose Us

We’re so sure you’ll get the best value on a water softener or water treatment system from Wisler Plumbing, we’re willing to put our money where my mouth is.Set up a no-obligation appointment with one of our Certified Water Technicians. They’ll listen to your needs, conduct a thorough evaluation, run a water test and calculate the perfect system for your home. You’ll see all your options and you can choose the best value for you. If you choose another licensed contractor within 30 days, we’ll pay you a thousand bucks.

156 Day Water Softener Test Drive

Take it for a 156-Day Test Drive (that’s more than 5-months!)

Of all the families we’ve cared for in the past 29-years, less than 1% of them asked us to remove their water or water softener treatment system. With no questions asked, of the 1% who did ask us to remove it, we did it for free and gave them their money back. We think you deserve the same when you install your system and that’s why we offer the 156-day Water Treatment / Softener Guarantee. What that means is we’ll set up a time to customize a system, install it, and ask you if you like it. If you don’t like it, you can call us up until the 156th day to ask us to remove it. For. Free. And you get all your money back.

  • Your body is made up of 70% water. Healthy water is a healthier family. 70%
  • Running hard water through water heaters cuts efficiency by up to 48%. 48%
  • Using softened water in place of 20 gpg of hard water equates to a 34% savings. 34%
  • Using softened water in place of 30 gpg of hard water equates to a 47% savings. 47%
  • Showerheads using hard water can loose 75% of flow rate in less than 18 months of use. 75%

Number of days, hard water will begin to clog faucets.

Number of households we've helped with water softening.

“One of the most professional service companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I wish all companies were this easy to deal with.”

Gordon Malczewski

Salem, VA

Any of these sound familiar?

That means it’s slightly acidic. That acidic water will cause metal parts in your plumbing system to corrode, eventually leading to drips from faucets, shower heads and other fixtures. That acid slowly works on the metals in your plumbing, causing green stains from copper.

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. It causes white chalky build up, scum in showers and tubs and makes it nearly impossible to work up suds in soap & water. The resulting mineral deposits will cause your water heater to be inefficient.

Iron in the water can cause red staining at very low levels and cause the water to smell bad. There are three types of iron dissolved, particle, and iron bacteria. The type of iron will determine the type of treatment needed to resolve the issue.

Chlorine is used to make the water safe in the public system. You have the choice to remove it in your home to improve health and taste. Chlorine is a chemical and it wears on every component of the plumbing system and can have negative health effects in small children.

Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria produce effects similar to those of iron bacteria. They convert sulfide into sulfate, producing a dark slime that can clog plumbing.

Manganese acts in a similar way but causes a brownish black stain.

Better Water. Better Life.
Longer-Lasting Appliances

Taste is certainly important but installing an in-house water treatment and/or water softener system has other benefits too.

Do you know treated water will:

  • extend the life of your pipes
  • reduce the cost of beauty supplies (Yep!)
  • extend the life of major appliances
  • reduce the frequency of replacing fixtures
  • extend the life of your water heater
  • reduce your utility bill
  • extend the life and brightness of your cloths
  • reduce your carbon footprint

Find proof that it works (8MB PDF) by reading the full independent study conducted by the Water Quality Association Foundation and Battelle (external links).

It Doesn’t Have To Be Confusing

Water treatment and water softener systems are not cheap. It is an investment. But it’s something we’ve helped more than 1,080 households in and around the Roanoke, Virginia area work through. John Sink, one of our talented certified technicians, will talk with you and help decide what’s best for your house. John will look at the results of a water test, discuss costs and options, what your pipes are made of, and answer any questions you have. He’ll even tell you if you don’t need a water treatment system. Needless to say, John outfits (or doesn’t outfit) your house with a customized treatment system.

No Pressure Selling

Pressuring you to make a quick decision is just not our style. When you’re comfortable and happy with your decision, things just go better. When you have questions we’ll answer them. Even after we talk, we’ll respect whatever you decide to do.

When You’re Ready, Contact Us

Call (540) 483–9382 and talk with Kresta, Kyle or Connie or, if you prefer, fill out this form and expect a response within 1 business day (most likely sooner).

Schedule a Comprehensive Water Test

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