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Wisler Plumbing is the place I am confident to go to for my plumbing needs. They have always done an excellent job with prompt service and thorough follow-up. I have used them for well water service twice(tank and pump), new hot water heater and water filtration. They are my first choice in the area.” Margaret Ball

July 4, 2015

Extremely professional and proficient service! Certified Navien technicians ensured that our tankless water heater was installed correctly by the builder. We sincerely appreciate the excellent maintenance service received through the Diamond Club.” Ms. Cain

June 15, 2015

Same Day FREE Estimates

You’re heater likely broke down today. Sorry to hear that. It typically happens at the worst time possible and that’s why we offer same day free estimates. You don’t have time to visit stores, attempt to find a sales rep (only to find out they know little about water heaters), and try and finagle installation times within their sub-contractors limitations. Call or send us a request and we’ll come by when you’re available – today – talk with you, figure out what’s the best solution, and schedule an appointment at a specific time that’s convenient for you.

Cost of Replacing Your Hot Water Heater

We can’t tell you how much it’ll cost to replace your hot water heater because we don’t know what kind of system you need or how big. There are just too many options. Wisler Plumbing provides Straight Forward Pricing. You’ll receive one price regardless of how long the job takes. It will not depend upon who the service technician is or how fast they may or may not be. You’ll know exactly how much the finial bill will be before we begin working.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with our service or the products we install, the energy savings promised, the value delivered, the level of convenience offered, or even our people, we will immediately do whatever is necessary to achieve your satisfaction. We will make whatever modifications necessary to achieve your overall happiness.

No Pressure Selling

Pressuring you to make an uneducated or poor decision is just not our style. When you’re comfortable and happy with your decision, things just go better. When you have questions we’ll answer them. Even after we talk, we’ll respect whatever you decide to do.

Gas Tankless Water Heater

Wisler Plumbing offers both Navien and Rinnai tankless water heaters. Wisler Plumbing will help you decided which is best for you based on your household needs. A conventional water heater constantly uses energy to keep the water hot. Tankless models, on the other hand, do not. This can translate to a significant savings each month simply because you will not have to pay for heating  water when you are not using it. Often times, depending on your current system, the cost of a tankless system can pay for itself within four to six years. Tankless water heaters are a good choice if you do not have a lot of room in your house. They take up much less space than tank water heaters which is a big plus for homeowners with limited storage. In addition, the lifespan of a tankless system is double that of a conventional tanked water heater thus providing many more years of worry-free hot water (oh, and it increases the value of your house too).

Tankless Water Heater - Rinnai

0% Financing on Tankless Water Heaters0% Financing on Tankless Water Heaters. Limited Time Offer.

Wisler plumbing is offering 0% financing on all tankless water heaters. It may not promote your trees to sprout money, but it will provide you thousands of dollars in energy savings over 20-years.

Give Wisler A Call To Learn More – (540) 483-9382

Give Wisler Plumbing a call anytime and talk to a real live person. They’ll answer questions and can schedule an appointment for a specialist to come and take a look. If your water heater is on the kaputz and not working, we can schedule a visit for today.

Bradford White gas heater

Conventional Water Heater

Wisler Plumbing offers standard water heaters in accordance with the 2015 energy efficient mandates set by the government. Two primary things you should consider when purchasing a conventional tanked water heater is the size and the efficiency of the unit. The size matters because it’s in direct correlation to how much hot water is needed within a short amount of time. Tank water heaters maintains a set amount of water and if you have teenagers, this is certainly something to think about. You don’t want to be stuck in the shower freezing cold because your kids used all the hot water. If you have teenagers, consider a tankless water heater. All conventional water heaters have to heat the water. Some systems use electricity while others us gas. The amount of energy that’s needed to heat the water has a great impact on your utility bills. Make sure you review the energy rating with your technician to understand what you should expect when comes to paying for turning cool water in to hot water.

Gas Power Vent Water Heater

Similar to conventional hot water heaters, this is a great choice when you can’t rely on a chimney for a vent. With a power vent system, the heat is blown out a sidewall instead of relying on a chimney. This allows for flexibility when looking for a location for the hot water heater. Power venting is a good solution for more energy efficient, tightly built homes, where a natural draft is difficult to establish. As with conventional water heaters, the size and the efficiency rating of the heater you select has a great impact on how happy you’re going to be when you choose what system your purchase. You need to consider how much hot water is  needed and how much you’re willing to spend on your utility bill to heat your water.

Bradford-White Gas Power Vent Water Heater
AO Smith Voltex Hybrid Water Heater

Heat Pump / Hybrid Water Heater

Another option you might want to consider is a heat pump water heater. Those are mainly highly efficient electric units. If you don’t have much need for 100 gallons of hot water and you want something that’s efficient, a heat pump water heater may be a good option. Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. Therefore, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric water heaters. To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse. Heat pump water heater systems typically have higher initial costs than conventional water heaters. However, they have lower operating costs, which can offset their higher purchase and installation prices.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Water Heater

When looking at all of the different options on the market, here are the most important questions to ask:

  • What is the cost of the unit, both during installation and over the course of the life of the unit?
  • How energy efficient is the water heater and how much will it impact your utility bill?
  • Do you often run out of hot water when the whole family needs to get ready?
  • Do you have access to a gas line or will you need to use an electric unit?
  • How much maintenance will your unit require each year, and how much is that going to cost you?

When you work with Wisler Plumbing, your advisor will ask all of these questions and more to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your unique needs. By working with experienced, local professionals, you’ll get the insight of hundreds of installations that are perfect for Roanoke, Virginia’s weather, water, and power options. Your Wisler team will also be here long after the installation, making sure that you’re 100% happy with our Satisfaction Guarantee.


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When The Work Begins

When it’s time to install your new water heater, we’ll be on time and ready to go because we believe

  • …your time is more important than anything else
  • …while we’re guests in your home, we’ll treat our visitation as if your house is a palace
  • …in leaving nothing behind but an outstanding plumbing job and complete satisfaction
  • …in making it right not matter what
  • …we’ll be the plumber you tell your friends about
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After We’re Finished

Your installer is going to recommend you join Wisler’s Diamond Club Family to maintain your newly installed heater. You wouldn’t buy a car and not change it’s oil, would you? Once a year, a member of Wisler’s expert plumbing team will give your home a thorough inspection, a scheduled service and FREE plumbing system adjustment including all connected equipment and fixtures. Your water heater is checked for safety, leaks, and signs of corrosion. It’s just another one of the ways that Wisler Plumbing is looking out for you and helping to keep your plumbing costs to a minimum.

When You’re Ready, Contact Us

Call (540) 483–9382 and talk with Kresta, Kyle or Connie or, if you prefer, fill out this form and expect a response within 1 business day (most likely sooner).

Want to do some more research first?

Here’s some more info about what it’s like to work with us:

The most important factor that we look at is making sure that the product we’re recommending offers a good value when it comes to the overall cost of ownership. Products should not require expensive ongoing maintenance.

Making wise decisions when purchasing a new product is extremely important. Even though an item may be more expensive upfront, the total cost of ownership over its lifetime may be way less expensive. Our goal is to recommend the best quality product that is efficient, reliable, and a good value. Our clients should be comfortable in knowing that the product will be long-lasting and safe for years to come.

We also care about the manufacturer’s warranty offered with the product. A good warranty means that the company stands behind the quality of the product. The warranty should be straightforward, and not involve unnecessary obstacles or fine print. These are the types of factors we take into consideration before recommending any product.

We can gain a comprehensive assessment of your needs and suggest products that are best suited to your home. Wisler Plumbing has made a commitment when it comes to any of the products we offer: if we wouldn’t install it in our own homes, we wouldn’t recommend it to our clients, either. We make it a priority to choose products based on their quality and performance instead of just focusing on the bottom dollar.

Finally, we work hard to protect your home from costly and annoying plumbing problems. That’s why we created the Diamond Club Family. It is a private membership service that costs just $0.50 a day but provides you with 24/7 peace of mind all year long. When you sign up, you get a 10% discount on all services, and additional service coverage on your water heater installation. Be sure to ask your Wisler technician about how you can sign up for this valuable service!

When you’re ready to talk with a hot water expert, contact Wisler Plumbing. We’ve been in business since 1986 and have installed thousands of hot water heaters. Our technicians are required to participate in continuing education to learn about the latest technology, safety, and other plumbing-related material. You won’t find a more educated group of technicians than at Wisler Plumbing.
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Wisler Plumbing offers water treatment options

Water Treatment

Natural water in Virginia can be pretty awful. We know how to make water perfect for your family and easy on your plumbing and fixtures. We can recommend and install the water treatment system that is right for you.
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Plumbing Repair

When you’ve got a plumbing problem, your next step is easy. Call us any time, day or night. We use the best materials and the most talented technicians to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Guaranteed.
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Don’t overlook your bathroom when you’re remodeling. An upgrade gives you the practical, functional and relaxing space you deserve. Let us guide your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish.
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Diamond Club

Protect your home from costly and annoying plumbing problems. The Diamond Club is a private membership service that costs just pennies a day but provides you with 24/7 peace of mind all year long.