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We love to hear what people say about us. We hear the good and the bad and we’re not afraid to publicly share both of them. Take some time and read what our customer’s are saying about the business as a whole and the good people who come into your home to help you out. You’ll see why we serve so many in the Roanoke, Franklin County, and Smith Mountain Lake area.

You can read scanned comment cards and online reviews about Wisler Plumbing below or you can find more at Angie’s List (link opens new window) and the BBB.

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He did a great job. And I was well pleased. Best plumbers I've ever worked with. Sheldon is very professional and nice person. I highly recommend his company!

October 9, 2017

Marty was great to deal with. Very nice and professional. Wisler Plumbling is real deal. Best plumbing service I've ever worked with and will ever use.

October 9, 2017

We just had our semi-annual check-up at the house, and Scottie, as usual was very thorough and friendly. He also gave us some suggestions for making our plumbing work better, which we did.

September 29, 2017

My wife and I were very pleased with the work of Sheldon and Chris. They started on time and worked very hard throughout the day. They welcomed questions and both explained the various steps they would be taking from disconnecting the damaged line to the installation of the new line. Each time either needed to come into the house, they put on shoe protectors so as not to track dirt into our home. They also made sure they kept things neat and clean as they progressed through their work, and when they left it was hard to tell they were here. Even Scott, the gentleman who came to review and provide me an estimate of what the crew would be dong wore the shoe protectors. Everyone within the company that I interacted with, including the office staff, were very kind and professional. Wisler Plumbing is a top notch Company, and I would highly recommend them for your plumbing needs. Thanks for getting our water flowing again guys!

September 5, 2017

Received your letter of August 16, 2017 and I just wanted to write back to let you know my husband and I are extremely pleased with Wisler Plumbing. Our first encounter with your organization was at the time we had our kitchen and bathroom done over and your people were great. We had you for two other occasions after that and the last time was just a few weeks ago with our septic system. Your people are polite, helpful, well- organized and do a terrific job. Thank you for for the good service you do.

August 31, 2017

Mike, and Kyle came out to do a Diamond Club inspection. On time, and very professional! Fixed our outside faucet. We're happy!

August 24, 2017

Marty was the service tech that solved our problem with a sluggish drain. He was very courteous and quickly found the blockage and cleared it.

August 17, 2017

We are very pleased with your response to our broken water line. I am happy to refer others with plumbing problems to your company.

August 16, 2017

Mike was our plumber for the yearly checkup. He arrived on time put his booties on and got right to work! We were impressed with his knowledge. We did need a few things done. We were pleased with his work. We really like Wisler Plumbing. We are pleased with the people on the phone and people who have worked in our home. We give Wisler 5 stars!!

July 25, 2017

We could not have been more pleased with the work done by Wisler Plumbing when our water main sprang a leak. They came out and gave an estimate and set a date for the repair. The workers were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing. This type of job can be very messy but everything was contained and the mess was very minimal. They did the complete job in one day. The trench was covered nicely and seeded with grass and covered with sheets of straw. Very clean look to the job. One spot of grass did not come up and I went back and they gave me more grass seed. Excellent business and I would recommend them the highest they can be rated.

July 24, 2017

We recently had the water pipes and drain lines replaced in our 62 year old house and had a new tub/shower unit installed. From the time we called for an estimate to the time the work was completed we were treated courteously. The technicians were prompt to arrive at the time they said to expect them. The plumbing team was excellent and Michael went above and beyond the call of duty staying until 7:30 one night to be sure the house was cleaned after their work was finished. In the process of replacing pipes some drywall and plaster board had to be removed to access the pipes. The drywall crew did an excellent job patching the cut areas, however, they did not clean up with the same standard of care as the plumbing crew. I sent a text to Kyle about this and he was at my door 30 to 45 minutes later to clean the drywall mud splatters and dust (by the way, he was on his way home from work so he completed this work after normal business hours). Kyle and Michael's attention to detail and customer satisfaction is extraordinary and is one of many reasons my wife and I can recommend Wisler Plumbing without hesitation. We will continue to call on them if we should have any future service needed.

July 24, 2017

Wow. I wanted a small remodel project. Take out a 60 year old tub, replace it with a new shower unit and repaint. Being a single bathroom home Wisler was so accommodating . Everything came together so well. Everything was so clean, so quiet and so well done. Three days later everything was done, on time, on budget and within expectations. We are so pleased!

July 24, 2017

Yesterday I had some plumbing work done by your company. The technician's name is Mason. I just wanted your company to know how pleased I was with the work he did. I am a very picky customer. I plan on recommending your company to everyone I know. This Mason guy really knows his trade. He took care of the problems we had and I have a couple of other jobs to be done in the future. I plan on asking for him, so don't let him run off any time soon. From the young lady the answered the phone to the man that did the work, It was a pleasure dealing with Wisler Plumbing. I thank you.

July 20, 2017

I was very pleased with my service. The technician was very polite and the pump he installed is working perfectly.

July 12, 2017

Owners Brian and James Wisler are as good of people that you'll find anywhere. Full of knowledge and very professional, I have known their family for over a decade and have been a customer more than once. They are worth every penny of your investment. Mark, one of their technicians, recently did an entire re-pipe on my home, and was exceptional. Timely, hospitable and clean. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

July 12, 2017

I. Love. Wisler. Plumbing.

My sewer pipe (from house to main sewer line at the road) needed to be replaced because toilets weren’t flushing, sewer water was backing up through the drain in my basement, and etc. A real mess. It was the original line from when the house had been built back in the 60s.

Initially I had a local guy here in Salem whom I was going to use. He’d done a couple other replacements in my neighborhood, so I was going to go with him. He had a nice company truck and trailer and seemed reputable. However, he couldn’t give me a guaranteed price. He kept saying it depends on where the line is and if it goes under my driveway. So he quoted me a spread of $3,500 to $5,000.

My guy friend recommended I call Wisler for a second opinion. He’d heard their ads on the radio and said they sounded like an honest, family-oriented business.

Boy am I ever glad I took his advice! Everything about Wisler is top notch. For example, even the ladies who answer the phone are polite and cheerful and professional (“Thank you for calling Wisler, how can we put a smile on your face?”).

They sent a guy named Marty out to assess my situation (prior to his arrival, I received a text with a photo and other info about Marty). Marty is a real peach!—Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. And whereas my other plumber couldn’t even tell where the line was, Marty had the right equipment, and in 10 minutes he was able to tell me exactly where my line ran, from beginning to end, and within another 5 minutes I had a written quote of $2,600. Significantly less than even the bottom number of that other plumber’s price! So I hired Wisler on the spot, and within another 20 minutes Marty had the city water guy out to approve the paperwork, and Marty then called his office and got me on the calendar for the next available slot (3 business days from then).

The two fellows who did the excavation work were equally as professional (can’t remember their names right now). One ran the back-hoe, and the other was the plumbing/pipe guy. Both extremely polite, clean-cut, friendly, and knowledgeable. They had the job done within about a half day, cleaning up the area so nicely you’d have never known by looking at my yard that anything had been done.

As a single woman, I have been aware that some businesses try to take advantage of women who don’t know much about home or car repairs (like perhaps that first plumber I had out). That is not the case with Wisler.

Wisler Plumbing is the real deal. And, yes, they definitely are a family business. I found out in talking with Marty and the other two guys that every morning, Mr. Wisler’s mother shows up at the shop to make the entire team breakfast before they go out to their jobs. And it’s decent breakfast, too! I asked the guys what they had that morning, and it was ham and eggs and biscuits. Apparently the company also pays well and provides good benefits to their employees (which would ensure they get top-notch employees).

Wisler Plumbing is a throwback to what companies used to be like back in the 50s and 60s, I guess – i.e., back when companies cared about treating both their customers and employees well, back when many businesses were family-run and things were more personal and businesses cared about quality and fair-pricing and not just how to make as much money as possible for corporate stockholders.

Mr. Wisler, I know that your father started the business out of the family garage many years ago. I am assuming he is no longer alive. All I can say is, your father would be very proud!

June 19, 2017

Mike and Brian arrived on time, explained my problem and gave me price to fix, checked other areas and recommended fixes which I agreed to, and left a really cute Wisler yellow duck complete with tool belt in my shower! Would highly recommend them!

May 24, 2017

We have had three service calls with three different technicians from Wisler Plumbing. They consistently arrive as scheduled and live up to the Wisler radio advertisements in every respect! They have helped us with a variety of water and plumbing issues and we highly recommend them!

May 24, 2017

FIVE STARS - We have been using Wisler for the past five years or more. Never disappointed in their service or response time. Friendly staff. Great work and fair pricing.

May 22, 2017

We have been using Wisler Plumbing for 17 years, ever since we moved here from Cleveland. Both at our house at the lake, and now way out in the country! They did all the plumbing work when we had our house built that I am still living in.
Not only do they do excellent work, but all the employees are especially nice. It is a pleasure to work with them.

May 22, 2017

I am very satisfied with the work that was done by Jarrett, Tom and his helper and Mason.
They would tell me what they were going to do, the good news, the bad news and the really bad news.
They were polite, their uniforms were clean, cleaned up when finished and they had a sense of humor.
This tells me they are proud and like working for Wisler Plumbing.
An employee who is told or shown they are appreciated and doing good work is a company's asset. They are the front line representing your company and doing a very good job of it.

April 28, 2017

We have used Wisler Plumbing for all our plumbing needs for over a decade, including routine service and installation of major appliances such as water heaters, filters, automated shut-off valves, etc. The service techs are extremely professional and friendly, and the company's responsiveness is outstanding. They have an outstanding service contract that gives the customer priority for emergency situations and I can recommend Wisler Plumbing with no reservations.

April 26, 2017

Wisler Plumbing has not only exceptional and expedient customer service, they quoted me and executed the project for almost 50% less than a competitor who had given me a quote as well. They followed up with a handwritten thank you note and joining their diamond club has already paid for itself in my case with the work I needed done.

Thank you, Wisler Plumbing and team.

March 7, 2017

I had an emergency drain blockage that brought my family of 4 to a halt. I call Wismer Plumbing after visiting their website. The call was made early morning and I could tell I woke the woman up. I later discovered her name was Connie. She began the process of helping resolve my problem. A short time later, I received a call advising that help would be coming shortly. Marty arrived after a long day for him, but carried on as if I was the first customer of the day. He was extremely professional and personable. He was able to cure my situation although other problems were discovered. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and explained what needed to be done to correct the problem for good. I was told how much the original call would cost and what the cost of what needed to be done. After hours of hard work, Marty have me the bill for exactly what had been told that morning. I cannot say enough positive remarks about this company. From start to finish, I was impressed. I would highly recommend this company to anyone, and will never use anyone but them from now on. Thanks to all employed there. Thank you for all you do, and most of all, your honest caring attitude towards customer satisfaction. Outstanding!

March 7, 2017

I can not thank you enough for the excellent job that your company did for our home. When a frozen pipe breaks in your house you are at the mercy of a plumber. Thanking God that you were sent our way! Ryan Bowman was very professional and friendly. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. You have the best customer service and greatest motto. God will continue to bless your business.

March 3, 2017

All employees were Extremely Professional and we were very happy with the job. Mike was very Knowledgeable and Kind to answer all questions we had.

March 2, 2017

Mark made suggestions that will be helpful in the future. Very Personable young man!We've NEVER had a complaint about any of the work men you have sent us! ALL have been Knowledgeable about their jobs, Personable, Respectful, and do a Great Job representing Wisler Plumbing.

February 28, 2017

As a recent addition to the Wisler team, I've seen the company from the inside and can absolutely confirm that WISLER is THE BEST plumbing company in the region. Everything you've heard or read about their courteous professionalism and single-minded dedication is 100% accurate. This is a top-notch company that does EVERY job to the highest standards with the highest quality products, and treats EVERY customer like family. You call, our 24-hr staff answers ASAP, our techs arrive ON TIME, and we respectfully and politely work as long as necessary to finish the job. We also evaluate and advise on any other plumbing issues to help customers prevent potentially costly problems, and plan for future repairs, renovations, and additions. If you want the BEST, call WISLER.

February 27, 2017

Back in January Wisler sent a trio of men to our house to replace a pressure tank and update the plumbing feeding our tank from the well source. They were all very friendly and professional. They worked hard and steady and had us good to go! From the field technicians to the people answering the phone, and management...a very smoothe operation.

February 23, 2017

In response to a service call, Mary King wrote, "the technician was very nice and professional, explained all work done". Ms. King is not the only one that has recognized our technicians for their thoroughness and detailed explanations for the work to be done in their home. Mr. Boyle said that he appreciated the thorough explanation for work done at his house on as did Ms. Lang for service performed at her residence. We are thankful for all our clients who respond to our follow up calls and comment cards. Both good and bad comments are appreciated, it helps us to change and provide better service to our wonderful clients.

February 22, 2017

Nicest repairman I ever met. I would recommend him to anybody.

February 21, 2017

I love working with Wisler Plumbing. Your technicians are top notch and go above and beyond to provide excellent service!

February 17, 2017

Tyler & Mike showed up right on time and were very friendly and courteous. When they ran into difficulty due to our old 1924 plumbing and the job required extra time Tyler stuck to his original quote and he and Mike figured it out and got the job done. The drywall crew came a couple weeks later and did a fantastic job as well. We will definitely call Wisler for our future plumbing needs.

February 17, 2017

Mr. Scottie Fralin telephoned me to report his anticipated arrival time. He arrived as he had indicated. He immediately began troubleshooting the problem and quickly found a faulty float control. The faulty float was replaced. In the process, he suggested several changes that while minor in scope will make future maintenance of this pump and float controls easier.

I found this service technician and your entire organization displayed the very best traits of a service company. I should include I was unable to have a local pump company assist me with my plumbing problem. My calls to the local company were not returned.

I rarely write letters of commendation. However, the extraordinary service an professional response from you company and staff required that I express my appreciation. Your company provided this assistance in a prompt and professional manner.

February 15, 2017

After the service work done, Ms. Clark wrote in, "Each time we have someone come, they are neat, polite & efficient".

February 14, 2017

A tech started the annual inspection of the plumbing in the house of a Diamond Club member. He noted that one section of piping had corroded significantly since the inspection the year prior. He showed the homeowner who immediately saw the need to have that section replaced. She later commented that she was so thankful to have the yearly inspections so that problems such as these are discovered and remedied before the pipe would spring a leak while they were absent.

February 9, 2017

Ms. Levisy called in distress, her basement bedroom was filling with water. In less than an hour, Wisler Plumbing had a professional technician at her door. On her comment card, she wrote, "From the initial phone call to the completion of service, I was provided excellent, professional service during my unexpected, emergency situation, Thank you!"

Right on Time!
February 8, 2017

Mike explained the problem thoroughly & discussed what was needed to fix the problem. He also made other helpful suggestions to prevent further problems.

February 2, 2017

The people (and service) at Wisler Plumbing were great from start to finish.

January 30, 2017

I have never felt compelled to write a service review before, but after dealing with Wisler Plumbing it was a must.
From the first contact with the office to completion of service, the experience was wonderful.
As this was an emergency call on a Sunday and that incurred an extra charge, it was all explained very nicely.
The technician arrived promptly, was very neat and clean and super personable. He took his time to diagnose the problem correctly and answer all my questions. I never felt like he was rushing, and since this occurred the last weekend before Christmas, I feel this is important to mention.
Another thing that impressed me was that Wisler does not inform their techs of other calls until after they are finished with the one they are presently working on, as they want them to focus on the problem at hand.
A company with integrity in this day and age! Kudos to Wisler Plumbing. I highly recommend them for any of your plumbing needs.

Roberta Jordan
Roanoke, VA

January 26, 2017

Really we are at a loss as to where to begin. The entire bathroom projects you supervised were handled in such a way that it was truly a pleasure to have you and your crews in our home. We are so completely satisfied with the finished products and have had many many rave remarks. Thank you for your expert time, guidance, advice and service.

Completely Satisfied
January 25, 2017

Very Professional, Neat, Informative, and Prompt. Absolutely the Best.

January 24, 2017

Wisler is one of our customers, so when we needed service, we gave them a call to help us out. James said he could fix our problem, sent Marty out to help and within a short time our problem was solved. A few days later, we also had a pipe and toilet remodeling completed. Wisler is gracious as a customer, and professional and very competent as the company doing the work for you. We are extremely happy with all services performed by Wisler and proud to be associated with you guys!

Debi Smith
James River Laser

December 27, 2016

Wisler's guy came out for one issue we were having, made the repair for price quoted. While he was here I asked about another issue, water seeping into my basement and he said sure he could fix that as well. Quoted a price and came back the next day to make repair. Overall, completely satisfied with technician, price and the work.

November 2, 2016

I called Wisler Plumbing because my pipes to my water softener outside had gotten clogged up. They came out and ran the rooter, with a camera up it and cleaned it out.It is working great now. If you need top rated service call them, their the best.

October 17, 2016

I would like to Thank Mike the tech that came out and solved our water leak problem. Has to be the most knowledgeable plumber that I have met. Cleaned up after the job. Also like to Thank Wisler Plumbing for being there when need.

September 22, 2016

Wisler just finished up the renovation of our kitchen. This is the second project that they have done for us; master bath renovation a few years back. Both projects were excellent work, professionally managed and they hire topnotch subcontractors. They also installed our water heater, RO system and water conditioner. We obviously really like the quality of their work and reasonable prices.

August 30, 2016

I can not say enough good things about the kitchen redo Wisler did for me. Every aspect of the project was expertly done in a timely fashion. Communication was excellent and the finished project far exceeded what I initially set out to accomplish.I would match my kitchen with the finest. Cabinets are wonderful, tile is ģorgeous, floor plan exceptional.Thank you so much Wisler. There are people who still take pride in their work! Cynthia,Steven,Kyle great job!

August 11, 2016

Woke up Sunday morning to no water, being on a well meant that the pump probably had been hit by lightning. Wisler just happened to be the first ad I saw when I opened the phonebook so I gave them a call on Monday morning, Linda was very professional in booking the appt. and even called me back when they had an opening earlier in the week. She even called to explain why the tech would be a little later than planned. Tyler showed up and even with me hovering over him was very thorough in his work and even saved me money by switching styles of pump because I didn't need the type of pump that was in the well, we even used my truck to pull the pump out (191'). They even came back out a few days later because my water pressure was low. They even called me the next morning to check on everything. In my opinion Wisler Plumbing can't be beat in price and service and I will recommend them to everyone who needs plumbing service done.

August 10, 2016

I have a McClean 1001 iron filter. The system works well, I had a leak that got gradually worse over a period of six months, since it was in a motor home barn and used very seldom I let it leak onto the concrete floor and then ran into a floor drain, finally after looking for two months I found Wisler, after a call to their office I received a call from John Sink, he scheduled for the following monday for the repair, They even had the seal kit in stock for it! After a couple hours the repair was made. John and his associate were very professional in every way, answered all my questions. I know the value of such good service, In 1966 I started a small company specializing in major water and sewer lines and plants, today 50 years later the transition to the second generation was in 2000, now the third generation is in training good service like Wisler made us successful, I wish you all the best! Gary Carmichael

August 1, 2016

You guys were great! I had a leak due to increased water pressure from the Town of Boones Mill and had little or no water You were able to adjust your schedule to fit me in the next day and your tech was very professional with his estimate and repair Your repair work had me back up and running with great water pressure.To top it all off you sent me a thank you letter to show your respect for my business.

Thanks Again for your professionalism.

Rob Turner

July 12, 2016

We recently had our annual inspection performed by Mike Walker. He was thorough, professional, neat and polite. This is what we have come to expect from your service men.
However, the day he came, our grandchildren were visiting and our grandson who is 4 was especially interested in Mike's tool belt. He must have asked poor Mike dozens of questions. Mike could not have been more attentive to his questions and more playful with him throughout his inspection. Thank you for hiring and training such caring individuals and we would love to have Mike back anytime.
He should get special recognition for going above and beyond his normal duties by engaging with our grandson and his curiosity.
Chris Mandaleris

June 30, 2016

Wisler does exactly as they say they will. From the moment you speak on the phone with one of their friendly and courteous representatives until the job is complete. When they say they are going to arrive at a certain time they mean it. And if they happen to get hung up in traffic they call and let you know. No pacing the floor or interrupted schedules. You know the price when they walk in the door and everything is explained. Yes, I spent more than anticipated. But in the long run it's worth it. Quality products and Wisler's own warranty in conjunction with product warranties. Krista, the friendly and courteous representative, felt that Tyler would be the best technician for my needs. She was right. He is very thorough, knowledgable and particular about all he does. I definitely recommend Wisler Plumbing.

June 10, 2016

We researched several area plumbers before we called Wisler and were impressed with the number of positive reviews. We are retiring to my husbands 80 yet old family farmhouse which needed some updating, including a new water heater, well water filtration system and reverse osmosis water filter. Wisler tested our water and made their recommendations. They gave us a fair price for the work and it was scheduled promptly. We now have plenty of hot water with our new electric tankless water heater and better yet, iron-free water - no smell, no stains, no bad taste! We were delighted with their courteous service and professionalism. I especially loved being greeted when I called with "How may I make you smile today?" Wisler Plumbing is awesome and deserves 10 stars in our book!

June 10, 2016

Marty resolved a septic problem for us. He was professional and very efficient. Kudos to Marty!

May 27, 2016

I've had two plumbing emergencies and both times Wisler came and fixed them. They are thorough without doing unnecessary work and their rates are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend them!

May 9, 2016

My new kitchen is amazing. The workers who installed the
cabinets, etc. were friendly and knowledgeable. They were careful to line the floors with removable liners to insure they would protect my floors and, when the job was completed, they cleaned up before leaving.
Cynthia DeNeal the lady I have planned with, is now my friend. I will miss her when all is completed. She has great ideas and knows what she is talking about. My favorite installer was Steven Brubaker. He is one of the nicest men I have ever met and, a great worker who knows what he is doing. I would recommend Wisler Plumbing for any project you need.

March 25, 2016

Wisler did a great job for us. They were prompt, reasonably priced, and got the job done.

March 14, 2016

I contacted this guys two weeks ago thru this website to look at a problem in my house. They called me withing an hour of my request and came the same day to look/quote the problem. Scottie was extremely nice and professional and they came this week to fix it.Everyone was very nice and they did a great job.When they were done, you could hardly tell they had to dig up the yard, very clean job site.I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Thank you

March 9, 2016

We had an emergency at our home and all of our sewage pipes ended up needing to be dug up and replaced. The guys at Wisler did a fantastic job....they were very professional and always told us before and after the days work what they had accomplished. They finished after only a few days and left our yard with new grass seed and hay on top...... also had to dig up a portion of our concrete driveway and they did an awesome job replacing the concrete and blending in with the rest of the driveway. This is a top-notch company with a top-notch staff.

March 2, 2016

I called Wisler because I had no water coming from my faucets. Scottie came from Wisler, right on time. He was extremely polite and respectful and said he would troubleshoot and find the problem and let me know the cost of repair before he did any work. He did that, I agreed to the work and he immediately began working. He was efficient and kept me informed as to how the repair was going. When he finished, I was pleasantly surprised that the work cost less than he had estimated! I will call Wisler again any time I need plumbing work done and I hope they send Scottie.

February 26, 2016

I love you guys adds. Your dad bailed me out more than once in our old house years ago. Yes, plumbing work is expensive. But a family owned, happy, friendly busness makes all the difference. Your dad once replaced all the plumbing in an upstairs bathroom at our house. Then he vacuumed all the mess it make down stairs. We walked in and it was like it never happened. Miss your dad too.

February 15, 2016

We were so impressed with Wisler Plumbing. All of their employees are so nice and polite and always let you know what they will be doing before they actually start the work and also let you know what they did when the work is completed for the day. They show up on time and are a team of very knowledgeable and hard working men. If you want a job done right then Wisler Plumbing is the place to call.

February 11, 2016

We just wanted to say a note of thanks to Wisler Plumbing and especially, to John Sink. His professionalism, courtesy and wealth of knowledge are of the highest standard. We couldn't of been more pleased with his service call--he went above and beyond with his work and we are grateful to have him and Wisler Plumbing as our #1 source for plumbing services. They are outstanding!!

February 8, 2016

Being new to the area we were not sure who to reach out to for a well water problem. Iron - Rust Staining, Odor, and Foul Tasting Water. We were referred to Wisler by neighbors and numerous trade professionals. All mentioned if you want it done right call Wisler. From our first call which left us smiling, to John who gave us options to fix our water, to Darin who installed the iron filter, and back to John who installed a R/O Filter our experiences were terrific. Professional, courteous, and informative were everyone we came in contact with. The end result was no more stained fixtures, no more foul odor and taste to the water, and clear ice cubes being made. Most of all they all made us feel good by welcoming us to the area. Thank you for helping and you have another customer for life. Keith and Carin

February 1, 2016

I love this company! They are the best! I had my bathroom redone and at ever step they kept me informed as to when they would arrive and what they would be doing that day. They were kind and helpful answering all my questions. The painters went out of their way to help me. The project manager was excellent very friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job and everyone who comes to visit loves my new bathroom. I love saying it was Wisler Plumbing. Not just plumbers.

January 18, 2016

We had Wisler remodel our master bathroom and we could not be more pleased. They were the most professional company we have dealt with in the past. Every day they would send an email telling us exactly we could expect the following day. Every one we dealt with was courteous, pleasant, and skilled in their job. They went above and beyond our expectations. Cyndi was our project manager and made sure everything was done correctly and beautifully. We would highly recommend them.

December 23, 2015

I contacted Wisler Plumbing after getting a glowing reference from a good friend who had just completed her kitchen remodel. From start to finish I was impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, and close communication with us. Our project director/designer was with me for the fixture selection process and her advice was very helpful. Our guest bathroom looks just as we hoped it would and stayed on budget. A spring project is now being discussed!

December 23, 2015

I have used Wisler Plumbing for the past 3 years. It began after much frustration with a Roanoke plumber who was charged with replacing a plastic flapper "chain" with a metal one. Eight weeks and much leaking later, they had replaced the handle, ballcock valve, closet supply and flapper at a cost of $253.50. I finally told them I was not paying the last bill and please don't come back any more. At that point they were blaming the six year old toilet. I found Wisler Plumbing, bought a new toilet and Mason installed it. Problem resolved. Also in 2013 Mike augered a toilet and replaced a kitchen faucet that broke. In January, 2014 we suffered a slab leak, leaving us reduced water pressure and only lukewarm water. James personally came out, assessed the situation, and provided us with three clear options from which to choose. They were each fairly priced. We chose the complete re-pipe option and Ryan and Joey's work was impeccable after we had braced ourselves for the worst experience ever. In one week we had no leaks, hot water, and every part of our home was cosmetically repaired to be unnoticeable. A month later we had them back to reset and re-seal a utility sink that the builder did not install properly. Earlier this year, Brian and his remodeling staff also installed a new shower pan in our master bathroom. To cap off three years, one of my neighbors suffered a slab leak on December 9. I referred him to Wisler and James was there personally on the 10th. Worked commenced on the 14th and the house was re-piped by the 16th. Cosmetic cleanup will occur soon. The owner is very pleased. Wisler employees are neat, courteous, and do great work. James guarantees their work and they will remain our plumber of choice.

December 19, 2015

I have used Wisler Plumbing for the past 10 years. They have replaced a well pump, pressure tank, water heater, water softener and several faucets. They even re-piped my whole house. On each occasion, the technicians were courteous, friendly, on-time and most important, experts at what they do. Wisler uses only top quality components and they guarantee their work. I will never use anyone else.

December 17, 2015

I would recommend Wisler plumbing for any plumbing job.
They did exactly what they said they would do in a clean, courteous, professional manner.
They made a recommendation when another concern arouse and it was completed perfectly.

December 14, 2015

I've had the opportunity to have Wisler Plumbing service my plumbing system on 2 separate occasions. Both times, Joey was involved, the second time David was assisting. I've had my system pressure tested and adjusted as well as a tankless water heater system installed. I can honestly say, the folks (from the initial call to the service technicians)at Wisler were very accommodating, very professional, and very knowledgeable. I am absolutely satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them to anyone considering service to their plumbing.

November 25, 2015

I found and called Wisler by the process of elimination in the local yellow pages. I had family friends willing to attempt to fix our water pressure. You know the saying? You get what you pay for... I'm so GLAD we decided upon Wisler.
We had a water pressure issue in our home for the last 4 years. Wisler came in, found a solution for our problem, and fixed it in 1 day.
Extraordinary Customer Service, possibly the best that I've seen in quite some time.
I received a letter from the owner after our service, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Who takes the time to send out letters of this nature to customers? Wisler does.
Many businesses could and should follow your example. For any future issues, I will return to Wisler.
Thank you!

November 9, 2015

Always Prompt, on time, pleasant, explains everything to you before the job is done.
Also does top line work. Very satisfied.
Has used this company very much. Would definately reccomend.

November 4, 2015

We were highly pleased with the job done by Tyler Hodges, who faced a very challenging situation and never showed signs of quitting or discouragement. Based on the experience I would whole heartedly recommend Wisler for any plumbing needs.

September 28, 2015

We really appreciated the good service you gave us especially on the weekend. That also applies to Dan, he is a very efficient worker and we have a great respect for him.

Thank you , we will be calling you in the future if something comes up.


September 18, 2015

We have used Wisler for years and have always been pleased with the quality and professionalism of their service technicians and office personnel. They always provide options and estimates for work and and are very prompt with their service. For a modest fee they provide priority service for emergencies and a free annual inspection.I can highly recommend Wisler Plumbing.

September 16, 2015

I have tackled many small-med jobs on my own, but being new to wells and acidifiers in this new home for us, I needed an opinion/work on this system that hadn't been serviced in a LONG time. Not only did they call back, they were prompt, professional, experienced, and cost what you might expect to pay. Without a doubt one of the best contractors I have dealt with in the Roanoke valley (and I've dealt with a lot).

September 15, 2015

I have to say that I would recommend Wisler Plumbing to all of my friends and family. They are very knowledgeable, and if they can't answer your question, they know exactly who to contact in order to get the right answer. AAA in my book, They will always be who I call to handle all of my plumbing needs.

August 9, 2015

We used Wisler Plumbing for our bathroom renovation that included changing out old pipes as well as a complete bathroom demolition. The people we encountered during each phase of construction were professional and considerate. Whenever we encountered a glitch (there were not many), Wisler was there to remedy the situation. Our project took a little longer than expected but was well worth the wait. I would highly recommend Wisler Plumbing and would certainly use them again for our projects.

August 7, 2015

Our kitchen remodel was completed with great project management. Any glitch was corrected in a professional manner with no shortcuts. Everyone at all levels was most accommodating, worked hard and were always courteous. It was great to feel confident that the remodel would be of high quality.

July 26, 2015

Our experience with Wisler Plumbing for our Master Bath renovation and other plumbing issues have been excellent. From beginning to end, everyone we dealt with had great knowledge of the job at hand and a very pleasant demeanor. Their clean up after each days work, as well as their in-depth help with design suggestions were very much appreciated. Mostly, keeping in communication during the project was the greatest asset.
We could not have picked a better company to work with. It was a pleasure.

July 17, 2015

Wisler Plumbing is the place I am confident to go to for my plumbing needs. They have always done an excellent job with prompt service and thorough follow-up. I have used them for well water service twice(tank and pump), new hot water heater and water filtration. They are my first choice in the area.

July 4, 2015

Wisler Plumbing brings solutions, not quick fixes. I value Wisler's options, advice and responsiveness. Their work is professional and I am okay with paying a bit more for that.

July 4, 2015

After living with low water pressure , iron and smelling water for 3 years I called Wisler Plumbing to diagnose my water problem's. Wisler plumbing sent out there water tech John Sink who preformed some tests, listened to what I was looking for and suggested a plan of action.
I am very happy to say that after every thing was done my wife and myself are extremely pleased with the final results.
I want to thank all the workers who were involved in this project. From the tech John, well installer Ryan, pipe installer Mike, excavator Isaiah and finally Darian who installed the filters. They all preformed there jobs in the most professional manor.

Being in the plumbing business for over 30 years I have been able to see the good ones and the bad. Wisler Plumbing has just raised the bar for performance, costumer relationship and doing what they said they were going to do and when they said they would do it.

Thank you again Bill Nash

June 25, 2015

Extremely professional and proficient service! Certified Navien technicians ensured that our tankless water heater was installed correctly by the builder. We sincerely appreciate the excellent maintenance service received through the Diamond Club.

June 15, 2015

I have called you at least 3 times and have always been more than satisfied with your work, your neatness and especially the curteousness and friendly manner of your plumbers. Although your services are a little pricy , it is worth it to me as long as I can afford to have you . I think your work is thorough as well as well done I also appreciate your greeting on the phone when I call. Thank you for your wonderful service.

May 4, 2015

We were so pleased with our service. Ryan and James went out of their way to make sure that we were happy and that the job was completed right. If we ever have any plumbing needs in the future you can bet that we will call them again. Thanks for being so prompt in coming out in our time of need. To the Wisler Plumbing family; God Bless and take care.

April 27, 2015

We have used Wisler Plumbing's water treatment, remodeling, an Diamond Club services for eight years and consistently receive high quality service and workmanship. Their professional technicians arrive on time prepared for the job that needs to be done. They are happy to answer questions and offer advice about keeping our plumbing systems in excellent condition, they take care to protect our home when doing their work and they leave it neat and clean when finished. This is why we recommend Wisler Plumbing to our friends an neighbors.

March 26, 2015

I am pleased to recommend Wisler for all types of plumbing work. We have been members of their Diamond Club for the past three (3) years, and have always received a benefit from that membership. Technicians from Wisler have installed our water heater, sump pump, kitchen faucet, complete bath fixtures, and have performed several repairs. The work is always done right and, for a recent warranty issue, we were not even charged a service charge for the repair. The technicians are always clean, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. The company maintains high values, and a way of doing business that inspires trust and confidence.

March 16, 2015

We had a problem with an expensive kitchen faucet. I was reluctant to call about it because I thought we'd have to pay a service charge. It finally annoyed me enough to call and Scottie replaced the bad part without a service charge and I say "Thank-you" every time I turn the faucet on and it stays on. Thank-you!!

March 13, 2015

John recently serviced our water treatment system and as always he was professional, knowledgable and efficient.

We have used Wisler plumbing ever since moving to the lake 12 years ago and the service has always been at the highest levels. They set the bar extremely high and consistently equal or exceed those standards.

They are friendly, customer motivated, professional and know what they are doing.

March 12, 2015

I have used Wisler Plumbing for a variety of needs over the past 15 years. I have always found them to be prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They tell you what they are doing or planning to do, and explain the reasons for any recommendations they make. And they never leave a mess--you wouldn't know they had been in your home, except that the repairs are done. I plan to continue using them for all my plumbing needs.

March 2, 2015

Wisler Plumbing has taken care of our plumbing and water treatment needs for at least eight years. The office staff, the technicians, and the owners have always been completely upfront, prompt, polite, knowledgeable, competent, and service oriented. They want to make things right for their customers and do so with a smile. Our filtration system is pretty complicated, but John Sink, the water treatment specialist is patient with our questions and always makes the appropriate adjustments and suggestions. Last year we had the privilege of working with the remodeling staff. Brian and Steven did a great job with our kitchen/great room renovation. True to their word, it took only about a month to complete and it is gorgeous! Thanks to all of them!

January 14, 2015

We had a leak in the laundry room. I was in a business meeting, my wonderful wife called in a panic. Called James and they were at house in 45 min to repair leak. Thanks again.

January 7, 2015

Lovely Experience. Thought this business model was extinct, so glad to see it still exist. Mark was Wonderful & Thorough. Blessing to your company.

December 16, 2014

Wisler Plumbing is always professional, thorough and provides EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would definitely recommend them to anyone with plumbing or water treatment needs!!!

December 5, 2014

I wish that I could have Wisler Plumbing service everything in my house.

October 17, 2014

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Natural water in Virginia can be pretty awful. We know how to make water perfect for your family and easy on your plumbing and fixtures. We can recommend and install the water treatment system that is right for you.

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