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Carnevali Residence Bathroom Remodel

The Carnevali bath started as a 1960’s bathroom with blue tile and tub that had been coated with an epoxy paint. It had a shower that was very small and cave-like and their washer and dryer was in the same room.  Wanting to make it into something timeless for their daughter to enjoy for years to come, we gutted the bath back to framing and started over. Economical ceramic tile is combined with marble accents and dark cabinetry to create a very classic look that will last for decades.

With matching pedestal sinks and custom medicine cabinets on each side of the bathroom, the floor space was opened up to allow for a marble rug accent to be displayed in the ceramic tile floor. Cabinetry is stained maple and utilizes the space under a window to provide needed storage, tub is cast iron and tile surround has the same marble basket weave as the rug accent in the floor to complete the look.

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