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Learn to Know Kresta From Wisler Plumbing’s Radio Ads

Picture of Kresta

If you’ve heard our radio ads before, you might be wondering who Kresta is. Kresta Brown has been with us for over two years now. She holds the position of Customer Service Manager.  She oversees almost every point of contact that our company has with our customers (e.g., mail correspondence and incoming/outgoing phone calls). One time, I asked her if she enjoyed doing the radio ads and she said that she loved it.


Kresta also works with dispatching our technicians. If there are any schedule changes or unexpected situations that arise, she works with dispatching the service trucks out to the job and makes sure that they get to their destination on time. She definitely does a very important job.


Linda has been with us for over 11 years now, and she used to be in Kresta’s position. Now she works part-time with our Diamond Club family and their renewals and contracts. Stephanie works under Kresta, and she answers the phone. Because we only have a few people here in the office, we try to call it ‘Kresta and Stephanie’ instead of calling it ‘the office’.


If you contact Wisler Plumbing, you just might hear from Kresta. It’s likely that the same person that you hear on the ads could talk with you. Contact us online or give us a call at 540-483-9382.