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Which Cleaning Products are Good/Bad for Plumbing?

Which Cleaning Products are Good/Bad for Plumbing?

When it comes to the types of cleaning products that would be appropriate for your home, it really depends on the type of material in the finish of each fixture. There are many differences between a toilet and a sink or a toilet and a bathtub. For instance, toilets and some kinds of sinks are made of porcelain. They have a polish layer over them, and if you used an abrasive scrub brush or harsh chemical, it could remove that layer. As a result, it would make the toilet or sink even more prone to stains and water marks.


If you have a porcelain fixture in your home, do not use any type of harsh chemical or aggressive cleaning device. Some people might find that a pumice stone is effective at removing water marks from a toilet bowl. What they might not realize is that it’s actually taking off the polish layer from the porcelain as well. Once the polish layer is worn off, then it’s going to make stains accumulate much more quickly and easily. From then on, as soon as you remove a stain, it will show up again in no time.


The best way to clean fiberglass or acrylic showers/tubs is with any multipurpose cleaner you may have. It’s also a great idea to care for these kinds of surfaces by waxing them. Think of them just like your car—if you wax them, water will not be attracted to them as easily and they will be much easier to clean. Most people don’t think about waxing their tub or shower, but it can go a long way towards keeping them clean and shiny. Fiberglass can become dull over the years, so wax is an ideal product.


I recommend staying away from heavy acid-based cleaners like CLR or Lime-A-Way. The heavy acid in these products can damage rubber or metal components of the drain system. Because most over-the-counter chemicals that you use to unclog drains can be very harsh, I recommend not using them repeatedly. If you need to use them once or twice to deal with a situation that may come up, that’s fine. However, if you have to use Drano or any other type of harsh chemical drain cleaner once a month or more frequently, it will cause damage to the system from the repeated use.


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